Crafted BurntOut Burger - Lulu's Farm Style

This weekend we visited Lulu's Farm in Brighton, CO. What is Lulu's Farm you ask? It's a Farmers Market that includes produce, meats, grills, outdoor furniture and much more. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the grilling products and fresh produce. This time of year the chilies were plentiful and there was such a large assortment to choose from. The one that stood out was the Colorado Hatch Green Chili. Although they range from mild to hot...we opted for the family friendly mild profile. We also grabbed a few ears of corn for our dinner inspiration. Considering today was National Cheeseburger day we decided to create a crafted burger with green chili and our Carolina Sauce. The result...amazing! The burger was flavored to perfection by adding 1/4 cup Carolina Sauce to 1lb of 80/20 beef. The chili (being more mild then expected) added another fresh layer of flavor. We sat down to enjoy our Crafted burger and soak in some of the last bits of summer. The recipe is as follows...


  •  80/20 Ground Beef
  • Fire Roasted Hatch Green Chilies (Mild)
  • Carolina Sauce 1/4 Cup
  • Center Cut Bacon
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Toasted Hamburger Buns


Mix the Carolina Sauce into the Burger Meat and Form the Burger Patties. Grill Burgers to Medium (or to your desired preference). Grill the Bacon and toast the Hamburger Buns. Add and melt the Pepper Jack Cheese at the end. Place the Burgers and Bacon on the Bun and add the Roasted Green Chilies. Finish with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

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